Do you have any good books for children to read?

It is their right to vote.

Robert is probably still sleeping.

Rudolf probably forgot about it.

Please make yourselves at home, and help yourselves to drinks.

She started dancing when she was eight.

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Everybody liked him.

Your cooking is delicious.

Dan didn't even let Linda collect her clothes.


Fish wants to swim.

You had your chance.

Ro has a thing for you.

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You don't like chocolate, do you?

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Trey is a fan of bicycle motocross, or BMX.

Mariou didn't join us for lunch.

I don't think I have any choice.


I have never met Maria.

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Did you really love me?

How did she get such an idea into her head?

Ian whistled a tune as he walked along the river.

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Very good advice. I would consider it if it weren't yours.


Was that guy Jan?

This bus can carry 30 people.

He is burning to make a fortune.

You may as well overlook his sins and forgive him.

I think that's probably right.

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Beckie wore black jeans.

No problem, I understand.

She slipped some money into her son's hand.

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Dorothy is a smart aleck with Suwandi.


When I met Anka in Bucharest she was studying.

That's a big fat lie.

A great number of citizens went into the army.

How did you come by an admission ticket for the auto show free of charge?

How many pictures did you take on your trip?

How many kinds are there?

Nobody saw you do it.

That bank over there would do the service.

He's so stupid, I swear I can't stand him.

It's not a secret anymore.

Marsha expects the worst.


You may want to consider postponing your trip to Boston.

At first he had trouble adjusting to living in his new house.

What's Vernon do?


People here laugh at my jokes.

Spy is asking for it.

What do you want Rodger for?


You'd better stop her.

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Hey, can you help me? Oh, nevermind! Looks like you are busy.

That's a question I've asked myself.

That's my fault.


If you die without having made any enemies that means that you have not done anything.

Money can't buy life.

I'm getting there.

She was unable to come because of illness.

The rain in Sevilla is a marvel.

This problem is too difficult for primary school children to solve.

We can't let him in.

You will find it stated a few pages further on.

My father must have been handsome in his youth.

I know it'll be hard and that you can handle with this.

You don't spend enough time with your children.

Both the brothers were out.

I understand them.

Someone will be with you in just a moment.

All the flowers in the garden dried up.

Rocket technology improved during World War Two.

I was just following orders.


Phiroze isn't dead.

In private, Kobayashi-san told me he liked his women "adventurous." What he calls an adventure I hope to never know.

The telescope Clyde built in 1925 was only the first of more than thirty telescopes he was to build over his lifetime.

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My mother likes tea very much.

Spudboy loves to cook.

Marvin didn't want to study French.

Nobody forced Michel to do that.

Martin doesn't know how to tie a tie.

A stranger came into the building.

I think you're a little confused.


You sounded just like him.

Edmond is likely to be chosen.

She's my daughter.

That's an item from a famous company.

The policeman was shot in the leg by a delinquent.

Would you allow me to make a suggestion?

One more beer, please!

Eat when you are hungry.

Don't call him now.

"After all, what does it matter?" thought she. "The dwellers in the Tontlawald cannot be worse than my stepmother."

Kolkka might be in his office.

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We won't be in Boston until next Monday.

Could you help me translate this into French?

This has finally convinced me of the seriousness of the situation.

Your hair looks so nice.

I don't care what others think about me.

Looking at his email address, would you say he's American?

They lost their trust in him.

It's very interesting.

Ania and Piotr are twelve.

It was a hard decision.

I will go, even if it rains.

It was an upset.

You should've never done this to me.


Narendra wished that Alastair would tell him where she'd been.


Recently he launched a new business.

It is believed that the festival comes from the South Pacific islands.

Your house is very nice.

She smiled and said goodbye.

Sanity ended up in prison.

I was exhausted after running the race.

I must do it now.

Geoffrey made a list of songs he doesn't like.

Marcia's comments were inappropriate.

I would like some white bread.

I don't like to walk.

They did not feel like playing any more.

I have no idea of what it is like.

Beverly doesn't like to talk about that.

You are sitting between Meg and me.

Do you want any of this stuff?

Norman is lying in a hospital bed.

Carry this for me.

Marlena washes the kitchen curtains twice a year.

Someone spiked her drink.

One glance at his face told me that he was reluctant to work.

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The cosmos is all that ever was, that ever is and that ever will be.


Oscar says he's willing to try anything.


I'll take them with me, OK?


And finally, twelve points to Estonia!

We see that it's happening.

Neal is a lazy dog.


Are you coughing blood? That's not good.

This is the first time that I've eaten in an Italian pizzeria.

My brother can run very fast.


It was a glass that he broke.

I love them both.

We managed to get some foreign stamps.

I melted one.

Tell him what you told me.


He will arrive in Kyoto tomorrow.

I had no idea there'd be this many people here.

Tomorrow is my birthday; I will be seventeen.


Come, let me show you around.


I didn't tell Kit about Clare.

Flying from far away, from the other side of the sun, Little Venusian is arriving to visit our planet.

There is no rose without a thorn.


I just hope Izumi takes your advice.

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We can't be too careful.

It was quite pleasant.

I've got to come in.

I didn't understand this joke.

What happens when we run out of water?


The bird flew away.

Try meditating a few minutes a day once in a while. Honestly, it helps me a lot.

We were concerned at first.


Think before you act!

Only when I got sick as a kid that I could eat as much ice cream and jello as I wanted and not get yelled at.

He will have no chance of winning her heart.

We are in a fierce competition with that company.

Is this going to hurt?

I never should've trusted you.

He has disposed of what was left of his estate.

I'm sick of white.

No sugar for you?


Amos told me he'd never tell anyone about that.